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RVBA BOTETOURT Middle Mile RFP – Published September 17, 2020

Due 1 PM EST on October 1, 2020



Due 1 PM EST on September 25, 2020

Answers to submitted questions:

  1. Are you looking to purchase all the equipment for this FOA? To be determined.
  2. Are you open to a lease program for the FOA?  Will be considered.
  3. Are you looking for coverage inside the Greenfield Training & Education Center? Outside? Both? Coverage will be outside.
  4. Is the Greenfield Collocation Center at the same location as above? Yes.
  5. Are there additional bid documents that are Available? No.
  6. What is the required coverage area? TBD. Can you provide a coverage contour in Google earth?  Initial test area is being determined.
  7. Is there a location identified as Head End IT room? Yes. Can you identify in above google earth contour?  Please reference “c.” below:
      1. Is there an ISP cct available already?  Yes.
      2. What is the size of the internet cct if it exists? 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.
      3. Address for reference is 57 S Center Dr, Daleville, VA 24083.
  8. Is the application a private network only use?  No.
  9. Is the only application/use case to wirelessly connect tablets or laptops to the internet through this private wireless network? No.
  10. Is there an expectation to support Carrier devices on this network through Carrier roaming? TBD.
  11. Are you looking for design, build and operate network as a service model? Or design, build and L3 support (CAPEX/OPEX) model? Both would be considered.
  12. Is the expectation to build and deploy Private LTE network on CBRS band 48 now and upgrade to 5G once NR is added to CBRS through the alliance? TBD.
  13. Can we assume the addition of 5G NR would be in shared or unlicensed spectrum when that becomes available? TBD.
  14. Is the expectation for the proposal to manage SAS Spectrum access? TBD.
  15. Can we assume you do not have any PAL licenses? TBD
  16. What are the use cases for this network ? Please suggest as you deem helpful to your submission.
  17. What are the end user devices anticipated to be used ? TBD.
  18. How many concurrent users are expected ? TBD.
  19. Do you require NOC or Tier I technical support?  This will be determined with the selected partner.
  20. Are there any QoS expectations ? (Speed, jitter, latency) TBD.
  21. What is your current solution ?  This is a First Office Application.
  22. What problems are you having with your current solution ? This is a First Office Application.
  23. Does the authority have spare fiber in the Outside Plant for us to use, or will we be using networked fiber with ONT devices? This will be determined with the selected partner.
  24. Will we be required to get metered power from the power company, or is power available on the poles for us to tap. This will be determined with the selected partner.
  25. Do you have a fully operational data center in Daleville? Does it already have any telco equipment? and if so can you tell us who operates that? The RVBA has a colocation facility in Daleville, VA with Telecom Equipment that it operates.
  26. Do you have existing towers currently used for wireless services that can be used for 5G radios? TBD.
  27. From 5G radios to datacenter, what backhaul network is available to be used? TBD in cooperation with the RVBA.
  28. How many square-miles are expected to be covered? TBD. 
  29. Can you provide boundaries on a map? Not at this time.
  30. How many simultaneous users expected during peak hours? TBD. 
  31. How much minimum throughput expected per user? TBD.
  32. Do you know how many radios you plan on deploying for the FOA? One or more radios.
  33. Do you have a notional network architecture/drawings that you can share with us? Not at this time.
  34. Do you require pricing at this juncture? Yes.

Unsolicited proposals

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