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better business solutions:

Speed, capacity, and unbridled potential. RVBA offers local businesses secure, dependable Direct-to-Door Fiber Optic Cable, Internet, and High Speed, High-Capacity Data Transport Services.

economic uplift:

RVBA has built an open access network to make it easier to bring both new opportunities and more high-paying jobs to the region.

let’s work together:

RVBA offers carrier-grade infrastructure built with Department of Defense JITC certified equipment – and we’re looking for partners to help us take it the “last” mile.

  • RVBA Celebrate
  • Two Citizen Board Representatives
  • MtnNet, Broadband, RVBA
  • March 2017
Fiber : The Future of Business Communication Is Now

Choosing Your Service: Dark Fiber,  High Speed and High Capacity Data Transport and Enterprise Internet up to 200Gbps

The Story of The Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority

Of, By, and For The Community; This is how the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority came to be.

Open-Access: Why It Matters To Roanoke

A lot of people are talking about “Open Access.” If you are asking, “what is it?” and “why does it matter?” this brochure is for you.