Future-Ready Fiber Connecting the Valley

RVBA’s open-access fiber network helps make the Roanoke Valley a better place to live and do business.
A Partnership of Localities

An open-access middle-mile network for everyone.

With over 100 miles of fiber connections spread across the Roanoke Valley, any business, organization, or internet service provider can access our middle-mile network to utilize our services and benefit the entire Valley.
Lower barrier to entry
for new ISPs
Future-proof speed,
security, and reliability
Internet service for
community & business
By opening the middle-mile network to all, it’s easier for new ISPs to start up. There’s no need to install a new network to the service area, just tap in.
The RVBA network is built with carrier-grade equipment certified by the Department of Defense and a redundant network path so partners can handle anything.
Businesses, organizations, and government entities along the middle-mile network path can connect their buildings for direct internet service.

Our 100% fiber optic infrastructure illuminates every kind of business and everyday lives.

We were founded by local business leaders and four municipalities — The City of Salem, The City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, and Botetourt County — to strengthen the Valley’s connectivity and make it technologically competitive with any place on earth.
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