Through open collaboration between public and private sectors, RVBA propels the region forward. By offering access to RVBA’s existing open-access fiber network we can bring tangible improvements to life in the Roanoke Valley and make a substantial impact on every citizen and business.
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Choice, Access
& Innovation

Expand internet access to every business and citizen
New ISPs
Bring new ISPs to the Valley

More internet access across the Valley.

RVBA is leveraging its middle-mile network to benefit local citizens and businesses by bringing more choice through internet service provider (ISP) partnerships. By fostering new ISP partnerships and lowering the startup costs for new ISPs, the Valley will enjoy more internet access, more choice, more innovation and lower cost for service.
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Foster ISP partnerships for last-mile delivery
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Expand the middle-mile network to create resilient fiber ring
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Promote healthy competition among ISPs
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Identify and map internet access holes and barriers to universal service


miles of middle-mile fiber
proactive monitoring
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Must-have infrastructure for community anchors.

Nearly every common-good utility and organization in the Valley can benefit from improved broadband infrastructure. From public safety to local government to healthcare, stable infrastructure is a must-have.
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Elevate public safety network for first responders
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Coordinate partnerships to connect community anchor institutions
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Deploy enterprise broadband zones
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Develop robust network to support telehealth applications

Digital Access

Affordable internet options

Essential connectivity for a modern world.

As modern life grows more dependent on digital connections, the digital equity gap becomes more costly for those unable to afford quality internet and those unskilled in digital literacy. Digital connection is nearly essential for civic and cultural participation, employment, education, and other essential services.
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Develop incentive programs for providers in low-income communities
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Conduct public awareness outreach for broadband as a basic need
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Secure resources to sustain inclusion solutions
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Deploy WiFi in recreational spaces
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