Meeting Schedule:(Open to Public): Meetings are the third Friday of each month at 8:30am unless otherwise noted. Location: Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission, 313 Luck Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 unless otherwise noted. Agenda packets typically include minutes from the previous meeting. Feel free to send us your comments or questions by email


December 2, 2016-November/December Meeting-City of Roanoke’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Conference Room (First Floor, Roanoke City Municipal Building, 215 Church Avenue, SW Roanoke, VA-8:30am AGENDA
October 21, 2016-Regular Meeting-OCTOBER MEETING CANCELLED
September 16, 2016-Regular Metting-8:30am-Agenda
August 19, 2016-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda
July 15, 2016-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda
June 10, 2016-Regular Meeting rescheduled from June 17. 8:30am-Agenda
May 20, 2016-Regular Meeting, 8:30am-Agenda
April 15, 2016-Regular Meeting-8:00am-Agenda-note meeting time change to 8:00am
March 18, 2016-Regular Meeting and Public Hearing Notice, & Agenda-8:30am
February 26, 2016-Regular Meeting, 8:30am (rescheduled from Feb. 19)-Agenda
January 15, 2016-Regular Meeting-Cancelled


December 21, 2015-(Meeting rescheduled from Dec. 18)-Regular Meeting 8:30am-Agenda
November 20, 2015-Regular Meeting-8:30Agenda
October 16, 2015-Regular Meeting Cancelled
September 18, 2015- Regular Meeting 8:30am-Agenda
August 20, 2015-Special Called Meeting-11:30am Location: 111 Franklin Plaza, Suite 333, Roanoke, VA 24011-2111
August 14, 2015-(Regular Meeting moved from August 21)-8:30am-Agenda
July 17, 2015-Regular Meeting 8:30am-Agenda
June 19, 2015-Regular Meeting 8:30am-Agenda
May 22, 2015-Regular Meeting (rescheduled from May 15)-8:30am-Agenda
April 17, 2015-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda and Bylaws Attachment
April 3, 2015-Special Called Meeting-8:30am-Agenda
March 20, 2015-Regular Meeting–9:00am-AgendaAttachment#1Attachment#2
February 20, 2015-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda and Financial Operations Manual
January 16, 2015-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda


December 19, 2014-Cancelled
November 21, 2014-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda
October 16, 2014-Regular Meeting-8:30am (Note: Meeting is one day earlier than normal)Agenda
September 19, 2014-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda
August 7, 2014- Regular Meeting (rescheduled from August 15)-Roanoke Higher Education Center- Room 409-8:30am-Agenda– and –Attachment
July 18, 2014-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda
June 20, 2014-Regular Meeting CANCELLED
June 6, 2014-Special Called Meeting” 8:30am-Agenda
May 30, 3014-Rescheduled Meeting (from May 16), 8:30am-Agenda PacketPresentation
April 18, 2014-Regular Meeting-8:30am-Agenda PackagePresentationDRAFT Minutes
March 21, 2014-Regular Meeting CANCELLED
March 5, 2014-Special Called Meeting: 4pm- Agenda Package
February 21, 2014- Regular Meeting: 8:30am-Agenda Package
February 5, 2014, Special Called Meeting: 8:30am –Agenda Package
January 14, 2014 –Agenda Package