Dear Sir/Madam:
The Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority has a requirement for Public Policy Message Management Services starting in November of 2021 through April of 2022 with the option of four (4) one year extensions. The contract will consist of one (1) base year and four (4) one (1) year extensions subject to the annual approval of the budget by the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority Board of Directors each year and the authorization by the President & CEO to continue with the chosen provider of services. Professional Services during each one (1) year period of performance may not exceed $60,000 dollars and will include extensive engagement in the legislative process. Responses are due back to the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority by Monday, October 11, 2021 to Ms. Tywanii Ross via email by 1 PM EST.  Ms. Ross may be reached via email at: