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RVBA serves as a catalyst for ISPs in the region. Wireless and cable carriers utilize RVBA’s robust open-access network for high-capacity ethernet, dark fiber leasing, co-location services, and dedicated internet access. Built with carrier-grade equipment and powered by the latest internet innovations, our network offers best-in-class carrier services.

Service Offerings

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Fast, secure, and reliable connection to support mission-critical applications and keep you operating without interruption.
Built for enterprise-level service to businesses and organizations with high-capacity needs
Supports mission-critical applications to keep systems operating without interruption
Scalable bandwidth capacity
Synchronous upload and download speeds


Multi-site connection on a dedicated route for your own wide area network (WAN).
Built for controlled direct-line link between offices, data centers, facilities, and other sites.
E-Line and E-LAN solutions
Bandwidth capacity for 1G, 2.5G, 100G, and 400G
Speeds up to 400 Gbps

Co-Location Solutions

Best-in-class colocation center for network redundancy and interruption failsafe.
Temperature controlled, high-capacity data infrastructure
24/7 monitoring with power backup system
Located in areas with low disaster profiles

Dark Fiber Leasing

Regional fiber routes with custom configuration for full-service control and unlimited bandwidth.
Built for businesses and organizations with private network infrastructure to light fiber
Unlimited bandwidth
Full customer control of network equipment

Features & Benefits

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

RVBA uses the fastest, most secure, and reliable technology available. From access switches to routers, we work with ISPs to identify, secure and install the equipment needed to meet your needs, whether it be supporting your middle-mile network or enabling last-mile delivery.
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RVBA’s fiber optic network delivers unmatched speed, up to 400 Gbps, depending on your need. With no interruption or throttling, RVBA delivers the speed you need when you need it.
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The RVBA network utilizes state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to keep digital data secure. A redundant underground loop combined with 24/7/365 proactive system monitoring keeps data safely flowing. With industry-leading repair and restoration service, your connection is safe and protected.
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Our open-access fiber network delivers faster, clearer, and more reliable communication for modern business enterprises. With 24/7/365 proactive system monitoring and a fully redundant underground loop, you’ll experience uninterrupted connection.

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Do you serve residential customers?

Though our network does not provide residential services, we have many local internet service provider (ISP) partners who leverage our fiber optic network to provide internet service to residential customers. Talk to our team about your needs and we’ll recommend another carrier that you can trust. Our customers are primarily large enterprises, government entities such as school systems or public safety organizations, and ISPs.
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