Speed Test


This test shows your last-mile connection speed by measuring the amount of data that can be transmitted to (upload) and from (download) the RVBA server in Roanoke, VA in a single second … given the parameters of your current internet service plan and your internet providers system capabilities and capacity.

“What? Listen, I just need to send a large video file to a customer in D.C., is my internet speed fast enough?”

There are several factors that go into calculating this test and similarly your needs, so no speed test is going to provide a 100% reliable result. These factors include:

  • File Type and Size – A Live Stream Video with an international client will provide a significantly different result than uploading their invoice and sending it via email because each of these tasks have different file sizes and use different programs to transmit the data.
  • Location – Distance makes a difference. Just like when you travel by car, it takes longer to get to California than it does to your friendly neighborhood gas station. The closer you are to the server the faster your connection is likely to be.
  • Capacity – Unless you are the only one using a direct line connection to the server with all other applications closed, your speed will be influenced by others using the service. Like rush hour traffic, your connection will slow as the lines clog with traffic.
  • Quality Equipment and WiFi Connections – The equipment you are using to connect to the internet can also affect your speed test results. In particular for best results, run the speed test on a device that is connected by hard wire to your modem to avoid the interference of walls, doors and even air quality that can affect a wi-fi connection.

No speed test is perfect. However, this test does provide a baseline measurement you can use to compare the promised value from your service provider (plan details) to how your system may function at a given moment.

With a direct-to-door RVBA network connection, your business could be seeing speeds of up to 200 Gbps.

  • 100 bits (b) = 1 Kilobit (Kb)
  • 1000 Kilobit = 1 Megabit (Mb)
  • 1000 Megabit = 1 Gigabit (Gb)

Does your current connection move that fast?